Minnesota Beepball

Hello Lions from Around the World!  Our competitive team’s season is over, and our Millers finished 7th in the World Series (of 19 entered teams) which ended Sat., Aug. 9th.  Now we can focus on our Recreational Team completely.  We hope to get four of the competitive team to work with us for the last four Saturday practices of the year.  Our players love to get exercise, sun, fun together and the chance to improve their games.  We have had 23 sight-impaired players this year in Rec ball.  Please check with organizations for the blind in your community to see if you as Lions can fulfill these needs connected with blind baseball.

Please see Q&A here for tips in forming and operating your Rec Beep Baseball team.

Our last team meeting is September 13th at Edgcumbe Rec Center, 320 So. Griggs St. in St. Paul at 10 a.m.   We will have a game and then pizza and pop to close the season.  We hope to practice indoors in January, and perhaps form an indoor goal ball team before that.  HAVE A GREAT OFF SEASON!



Please get in touch with me if you have questions about creating your Beepball team. Dennis Stern   email: info@mnbeepball.com